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Session Topics & Presenters / 2.5 Hours Each Day


Saturday, December 7 (times in central timezone)

The State of the Fitness Industry

As the CEO of AFS, Josh is in a unique position to observe and discuss trends with people all across the industry. In this session, Josh shares why the studio market has exploded and where it's going next. 

Starts: 10:00am

Founder & CEO, Association of Fitness Studios
Publicist for Fitness Business Owners,

The #1 Way to Get Publicity

Stop chasing clients, and get them to come to you instead. In this session, Lisa explains a simple technique you can adopt immediately to position yourself as an expert and attract more clients.

Starts: 10:20am

The Art of Selling Fitness to Anyone

Sales is not a dirty word. It's our own perception and skewed understanding that cause us to disconnect with others. In this session, Mike provides an overview of how to approach sales so you can convert more prospects into paying members. Instead of "selling", learn how to guide prospects towards making great choices.

Starts: 10:40am

Club Operator, Anytime Fitness
Senior Account Manager, Myzone

Increase Client Engagement and Loyalty with Heart Rate Gamification

Heart rate training is an explosive trend and Emily has successfully integrated Myzone wearable technology into scores of facilities. In this session she reveals secrets for adopting and maximizing heart rate training.

Starts: 11:00am

The Keys to Saving Money on Insurance

Representing Sports and Fitness Insurance, join Jennifer as she walks you through whether or not you're paying too much, what steps you can take to further save money, and how you can plan your insurance to help your business grow.

Starts: 11:20am

National Accounts Manager, Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation
Owner, Faster Fitness

Interview With Ivan Barrera: How He Found Massive Success in his Fitness Studio

Ivan is a business coach and the owner of Faster Fitness Inc. He attributes his successful fitness business to his commitment to learning from elite mentors along the way. During this Q&A, Ivan will share some of his insights he's learned along the way and how he continues impacting the fitness industry.

Starts: 11:40am

Championship Leadership to Motivate Anyone on Your Team to Success

Jarod helps fitness professionals all over the country maximize the potential of their businesses, as well as their personal development. In this session, Jarod discusses the approach to leadership that has helped him and his mentees set a high bar and achieve amazing things.

Starts: 12:00pm

CEO, Work Like An Athlete



Sunday, December 8 (all times in central timezone)

Tax Strategies Saving Studio Owners Thousands

Mike helps fitness businesses across the country implement tax savings that are available to studios of all sizes. In this session, Mike shares a few key pieces of information that will save you thousands each year.

Starts: 11:00am

Co-Founder, JETRO and Associates
CEO, Yoga Integrated Science Wellness Center

Top Challenges Fitness Studios Face Today & How to Overcome Them

An AFS Mentor and Educator, Lauren is focused on helping others reach the next level in their businesses.  For this Online session, we asked Lauren to skim over her workshop, and walk us through the most important ideas studio owners can adopt immediately to see results. 

Starts: 11:20am

Using Class Attendance to Motivate Instructors and Set Profit Targets

Hitting your profit goals is a full team effort yet most studio owners don't offer their instructors specific goals that would help the company achieve its target profits. In this session, you will learn how to calculate the class sizes each instructor should hit to achieve both breakeven and your profit goals.

Starts: 11:40pm

Founder & CEO, Fitgrid
Founder and CEO, Sacramento Eco Fitness

Sustainability that Attracts New Members

Jose Avina took a green approach to his fitness studio dreams and has been attracting local, national, and international media attention ever since. In this session, learn how sustainability can benefit the bottom line of your studio and attract new members.

Starts: 12:00pm

How to Boost Studio Revenue $1-$5k by Selling Online "Shoulder" Services

Dave has pioneered the online fitness coaching movement for over a decade, taking thousands of clients through his online fitness programs. In this session, you'll learn a few practical first steps needed to earn incremental revenue.

Starts: 12:20pm

Founder, Online Trainers Federation

Building High Achieving Teams

Anyone who genuinely believes in the purpose of their team, as well as the team itself, can succeed as a leader. Learn how to boost your business by placing focus on the team aspects that matter most: innovation, multiple capabilities, enhanced communication and the power for positive change.

Starts: 12:40pm

Building the Perfect Programming Mix

Your fitness programming can help you maximize space, build retention, and drive revenue. This education session will help you find the right mix. This session is designed to help you maximize your programming mix based on your goals and determine the right choices for your facility.

Starts: 1:00pm

Group Training Solutions Manager, Matrix Fitness



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